Parts for Sale: (Offers welcome)

Revised November 2016

I post my parts here to help reduce the costs that eBay compounds with fees. This list is not comprehensive and it is updated monthly when I have a lot of parts available.

I try to have accurate fitment information and Saab Part numbers but I make no guarantees.

Convertible Specific
Year/FitItem & DescriptionID Number(s)List PriceMy Price
1999-03 (9-3)
Window Regulator & Motor (Front Driver side)4851895$612$50
1999-03 (9-3)
Window Regulator & Motor (Front Passenger side)4851887$634$50
1995-98Potentiometer (Passenger Side)4696985$367$35
1995-98Power Antenna Assembly5035969$350$25
Engine Type Stuff
Year/FitItem & DescriptionID Number(s)List PriceMy Price
1991-95 (9000)
Intake Air Sensor (4cyl)8859886$50$5
1994-98Clutch Cable - Self Adjusting, 4-Cyl4901724$42$
1999-03 (9-3)
Battery Cable Set (manual tranny)5243555, 4946182$134$15
1994-98Neutral Position Safety Switch#$412$50
1999-03 (9-3)
1990-98 (9000)
Boost Control Valve7485576$322$
1994–98Purge Valve4442471$162$5
1994–98Air Injection Control Valve90466214$65$
1994-98Serpentine Belt NEW!
- Micro-V NBH 25061037 Napa/Gates brand
6PK2625, 6K1037$$10
1994-98Boost Control Valve7485576$310$
1994-98AIC Motor & Hoses9127200$400$
1994-98Bypass Valve4441895$
1994-98Turbocharger with hoses and lines93184322$700 + $450 core$
1994-98Reservoir Cap Pressurized For coolant tank4395513$5$
1994-98Engine Mount and Bracket4624755, 4283750$325$
Body Type Stuff
Year/FitItem & DescriptionID Number(s)List PriceMy Price
1994–98Tail Light & bulb socket (3 & 5 door) (Driver)#4468971List: $209.10$25
1994-98Saab 900 SE badges4240891, 4240883, 4480398$$1 each
1999-10 (9-3)
1999-09 (9-5)
Lug Bolts (Set of five)92152366$15$2
1994-98Muffler hangers#$$
1994-98Headlight Assembly (Passenger)4240289$391$
1994-98Fender Turn Signal Amber9124132$11$
1994-98Headlight Wiper motors & blades4240545, 4240552$558$
1981–1994 (C900)
1988–1994 (9000)
Gas Cap4391058$26$5
1994-98Rear View Mirror - Driver Side4684890$315$
1994-98Rear View Mirror - Passenger Side4684916$332$
1994-98Exhaust Pipe with Center Muffler/Resonator4966859$83$
Electrical Type Stuff
Year/FitItem & DescriptionID Number(s)List PriceMy Price
1994-98Brake Pedal Brake Light Switch4233342$24$5
1994-98Power Antenna Assembly (non convertible)5035951$425$25
1994-98Cruise Control Switch (on pedals)4947099$25$5
1994-98Lots of fuses & Relays#$$
1994-98Ice Integrated Computer Electronics Module/ICE Module4711263$300$
1994-98Hatch Wiper Motor30550877$307$
1994-98Front ABS Sensor & Mounting Bracket4779161$149$
1994-98Windshield Wiper Motor5141510$261$
1994-98Fog Light (Driver)#4469193$189$
1994-98Relay - Orange Headlight4109070$42$
1994-98Electric Lock Mechanism - Driver Front Door 4737607$50$
1994-98Electric Lock Mechanism - Passenger Front Door 4737565$60$
Interior Type Stuff
Year/FitItem & DescriptionID Number(s)List PriceMy Price
1999-02 (9-3)
Wiper Stalk Switch W/rear wiper5354170$104$15
1994-98Turn Signal & Cruise Control Switch5354147$110$
1994-98Hazard Light Switch4109526$$
1994-98Headlight Switch8590838$75$
1994-98Interior Lights Rheostat Switch4617460$100$
1994-98Window Switch Pack5241211$
1994-98Interior Light Switch4411997 $
1994-98Cup & Coin holder (Fits into Center Console)#$$5
1979–94 (C900)
1986–98 (9000)
1999–03 (9-3)
Headlight Switch8590838$75$10
1994-98Lots of various interior hardware#$$
1994-98Various Bulbs$$